Clinic Overview 




When scoliosis or another spinal deformity is suspected, the patient will receive the most thorough evaluation available.  The structural aspects of the spine are studied using the latest techniques, but the whole patient is considered as well, taking into account the medical, physical, psychological, and aesthetic issues that occur with spine abnormalities.  Time is taken to explain the diagnosis and treatment options completely, so patients and families can make good decisions about their care.



Most spinal deformities are evaluated with x-rays, but more and more evidence shows that these x-rays are harmful to growing young patients.  Every effort to minimize exposure to x-rays is made by our medical team, and alternative methods to evaluation are maximized to provide the safest care possible.  Several new methods for scoliosis surveillance are available only at IBJI.



Conservative treatment is always a priority, and the Comprehensive Scoliosis Clinic uses all forms of physical therapy, nutritional support, bracing and exercise that have been shown to be effective for the treatment of spinal deformity.  An inter-professional team of experts work together to make sure that all potential treatment options are provided.

If surgery is indicated, IBJI has some of the most accomplished and experienced clinicians in the area.  The surgical team, along with specialized anesthesia staff, nursing staff, pain management, and therapists work together with amazing results. Dr. Mardjetko performs surgery at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital located in Park Ridge, Illinois.



IBJI is a research institute, participating in cutting-edge studies that benefit our patients before they are available to others.  Focusing on non-radiographic methods of spinal imaging, our research is finding ways to care for young patients while dramatically reducing their radiation exposure.  We go beyond the evaluation of the best treatment methods – we develop them.