Imaging Devices

In an effort to reduce the amount of radiation that our patients are exposed to, we are researching imaging methods that use magnetic imaging or simple light rays in lieu of x-rays. Though these devices are not being used clinically yet, you may get the opportunity to be scanned with either device during your appointment.



Surface Topography  -  the latest method of evaluating spinal deformity uses only light rays to assess the surface shape of the back, and using complex computer analysis, can reproduce an accurate model of the spinal column without exposing the patient to any radiation. 



MRI  -  this well-known device is being used in different ways to evaluate spinal cord development, the presence of microscopic stress fractures, inflammation of the facet joints, and to measure the spinal deformity itself.  Although MRI has not been traditionally used in the measurement of deformity because the scan is done laying down, new methods have been developed to simulate the effect of gravity on the spine in this position, allowing it to replace x-ray in many cases.